Piano Fountain Pen 786 pack of 10


The Piano Fountain Pen 786 pack of 10 brings a fresh new design to the table, offering both style and functionality. With its stylish grip, it ensures comfortable writing experiences, making it ideal for long writing sessions. The large ink storage allows for extended use without frequent refills, while the smooth piston-type ink suction pump system ensures effortless ink flow. Equipped with an iridium-tipped nib, this pen provides smooth and resistance-free writing, enhancing the overall writing experience. Available in vibrant body colors, it adds a touch of personality to your writing instrument collection, making it a must-have for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

  • A fresh new design
  • Stylish Grip for comfortable writing
  • Large Ink Storage
  • Smooth Piston-type Ink suction pump system
  • Iridium Tipped Nib allows smooth and resistance free writing
  • Available in Vibrant Body Colors


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Piano Fountain Pen 786 pack of 10Piano Fountain Pen 786 pack of 10